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Friday, April 19, 2013

Simple Signature for Chiari

Hello everyone,
This petition is to get ALL Primary Care Physicians and Neurologist become educated on Arnold Chiari Malformation and add CM to the Social Security blue book. I'm not sure exactly how to go about spreading this around like it was a desease so I can get it signed. We need your help. Do I climb a mountain to scream for help? Nah!!! I think I might fall doing that. And besides, I'm pleased to say it's only been a week since I really touched my walker...sad :-( to say the auras may be back..But this blog isn't about talking about me...well it is but it isn't. It's about ALL Chiarians who need help...YOUR HELP...
PLEASE HELP ME GET SIGNATURES!!!! We never seem to get enough signatures from people every single time.
I know everyone has their own problems. I get that and understand. But this will only take a few moments of your time while you are surfing the web taking a time out of your daily life to help some of us get to our goal. We really NEED this. PLEEEEEEASSSSSSSE!!!! sugar on top.
I'm so frustrated not being able to get the proper medical attention I need and so is the rest of the people I have talked to who suffer from Chiari Malformation.
We really need your help by signing the petition and getting the word out to friends and family. The deadline is May 12, 2013 and we need 100,000 signatures. Help spread the word.
Thank you for listening...well reading and taking the time for signing.
Blessed Be

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